The project is funded by a Sinergia grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation. The principal investigator (PI) Jeffrey Huang (EPFL Media x Design Lab) and the Co-PIs Anne-Catherine Sutermeister (La Manufacture), Chris Balme (LMU), Anton Rey (ZHdK) and Jacques Levy (EPFL) are jointly responsible for the research output. The idea of SINLAB was developed over a long conception period between the cold winter of 2008 and the summer of 2010, with the creative input and pragmatic insights from several individuals, who gathered together in a series of formal and informal think tanks in Lausanne, at the original initiative of Charles Kleiber, president of La Manufacture. We would like to thank the following individuals who significantly contributed to the various stages of the research proposal: Frédéric Plazy, Hervé Lissek, Juan Mosig, Jean-Christoph Zufferey, Touradj Ebrahimi, Birgit Wiens, Anton Rey, Marcus Pericin, Michael Simon, Patrick Roe, Jean-Yves Ruf, Thierry Kaltenrieder, Georges Gagneré, Fréderic Dufaux, Jean-Damien Ratel, Franck Bauchard, Alexandre de Dardel, Serge Buffat. In particular, thank you to François Meynard who coordinated the overall process and helped plan, structure and edit the proposals, to Hervé Lissek who was the project manager and editor for the first version of the proposal, and to Birgit Wiens, who was the project manager, scientific advisor and editor during the preparation phase of the second version and successful funding application. We also acknowledge the support from Loterie Romande for their contributions to the renovation and equipment of the laboratory space.